Thursday, October 1, 2009

The One-Upper Friend

Continuing the discussion of the 'perfectly adjusted friend', how would they handle the One-Upper Friend?  You know the one- They have done everything just a little bit better than you.  The have ran faster, swam farther, belched louder, worhipped longer, prayed louder, worked harder, thought smarter, and created long lists of hang-ups better, than you could ever hope to.

What do you do with such a friend?

Better question- What would the person with no hang-ups, the perfectly well-adjusted person do with such a friend?

I am not sure, but I think it would be fun to do the following, provided your concern for the health of the friendship is not that significant:

**Warning- only do this if you are ready to permanently part ways with your one-upper friend.**

1.  Buy a small digital recorder.  The kind that fits in your pocket.
2.  Hit the record button right before you walk over to begin a conversation with them.
3.  Start talking about how many situps you were able to do.
4.  Wait for the One-Upper to do what he does best. 
5.  Act duly impressed with his prowess.
6.  End the conversation as soon as possible.
7.  Wait a month or two, so the conversation will not be in the fore-front of his brain.
8.  Bring up the conversation of your working out again.  Again mention how many situps you were able to do.  Only this time, state the exact number that he had previously said he was able to do.
9.  Allow him to one-up you as he always does.
10.  Remove the digital recorder from your pocket and press play.  Without saying a word, simply walk away when the recorder has finished.

Then, go home and realize that you one-upped the One-Upper. 

On second thought, is that what you really want to do? 

This is where we all find ourselves in trouble, at times.  In our responses to obnoxious habits of friends, we can often times manifest an exaggerated example of the very fault we disliked in them.

Of course, it is so much easier, and quite a bit more fun, to look for their faults, than it is to examine our own.

But which will be the most beneficial?

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