Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Chevron Saga Continues

This was probably the hottest weekend in Salinas so far this year. It was in the 90's, which is fairly remarkable for here.

So, I figured I'd celebrate by doing the yard work I have not been able to do recently. See Troubles of the Heart, if you're interested in how I've been spending my time lately.

But, I had a problem.

I needed gas for my lawn mower.
The closest and most convenient station is the now infamous Chevron where Rachael enjoyed playing her friendly games of 'Red Rover! Red Rover! Send the gas hose right over!' with the owner.
Fortunately, the owner and employees have never seen Rachael and I together.
So I can still show my face there without turning red.
While I was pumping, I noticed something new on the gas pumps.
A little sign was now attached.
A sign that did not used to be there. A brand new sign. It caught my attention, so I looked in closer to see what it said.
It was a warning to drivers that they will be charged for damages if they drive off without removing the gas hose from their car.
Interestingly enough, we've lived here for 5 1/2 years, and this sign was never there before.
Until the Rachael incident.
I like to think of this new sign as The Rachael Sign.
I pointed it out to her and thought of the comedian.
That is fitting in so many ways, don't you think?
*Be sure to check out my wife's blog, My Poor Husband for her comments on this.*

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