Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contest, Anyone?

So, I've been doing this blog for about 2 weeks now. Hopefully, it's been long enough for you to develop a response to it.

I'm hoping you like it.

But, it's hard to know.

While I'm still working on the mind-reading thing, mainly to communicate better with Rachael, I'm thinking I probably better not hold my breath.

So, I figured I'd just ask you.

What do you think?

I know, I know, most of you won't probably take the time to answer just because you're asked.

So, I figured I'd sweeten the pot a little.

How about if I say please?

Or beg?

OK, OK- You are a tough negotiator. I suppose that if you spend your time answering my 3 questions, you should be compensated.

I'm thinking a $10 Starbucks Card may be in order. Now if you are like me and absolutely despise the taste of coffee, I can get the same amount in a gift card from another place, if you like (and if you're the winner).

So, here's how it will work. I have 3 questions for you. If you answer all of them, I'll enter you in a drawing which will take place a week from tomorrow, with the winner announced on Saturday, August 29th, 2009. I will ask my lovely wife, Vanna, if she will be kind enough to draw the name, to ensure that all is fair. The only other rule is that Vanna can not win. Because I know what everyone would think, even if she won fair and square. No one would believe it.

The 3 questions are:

1. What 3 things that I'm currently doing would you suggest be done differently to make the blog more appealing to you?

2. What do you like about the blog?

3. What 3 ideas do you have for new content for the blog?

That's it! You're honest opinions are much appreciated. If you can think of anything else you'd like me to know, feel free.

Looking forward to Life With Rachael!


  1. Travis in answer to your questions, I have thought long and hard about a response.

    1. I am not a blogger and really have no suggestions as to a more appealing blog.

    2. I enjoy reading your stories, wit (maybe not so much), and wisdom, ok mostly the stories. It is enjoyable for me to peek into your lives.

    3. Pictures, video, more stories

  2. Excellent! Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it.
    -The Poor Husband

  3. Of course! Vanna can't win on Wheel of Fortune.

  4. Contest has now been closed. Congratulations to MatFam for winning the $10 gift card!
    -The Poor Husband


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