Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rachael's Intelligence Concerns

So the other day, Rachael and I were talking, and she said that she was somewhat concerned about her blog and mine. I asked her why.

She said that she was worried that people would think that she was not smart. Unintelligent.

I said, "Honey. Why would someone think that. I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of people that have destroyed their vehicle in a car wash and then drove away three different times with the gas nozzle still firmly attached to their car, thereby ripping the hose right off the pump."

This didn't seem to help, so I tried again.

"Hon, lots of people have probably left their purse on top of their car, in Borders, at restaurants, at practically every public area from Salinas to Sacramento. You can't be the only one."

I don't know what I was saying wrong, but this didn't seem to help either. Being the ever-compassionate husband that I am, I knew I just had to find the right words to make this situation all better.

"Hey, no one is going to think you're stupid. Lots of people have forgotten to put their makeup on, and instead substituted highly toxic sharpies that gradually absorb into your skin, mix with the aspartame that's already turning into formaldehyde in your brain and cause you to grow a 3rd eye."

I could tell that my efforts were not getting me anywhere. Rachael looked truly concerned, so I knew I had to get this right.

"Hon, look. You are not stupid. You're very bright. I don't think anyone is going to let a few hundred times of zoning, or forgetting, or nursing inside your portable tents tarnish their stellar view of you and your intelligence."

Somehow, I still wasn't getting it right. I think that the pressure of the moment may have been too much, and caused me to have a mental block, unable to come up with the right intellectual antidote to Rachael's feelings.

I quit talking before I made the situation worse.

But then I got to thinking.

What if people did get the wrong idea? What if people really did think that Rachael is unintelligent? While the $50 Rachael has earned off of her blog would be an enticing temptation, I don't think it's quite enough to sell one's dignity or public perception for.

That's why I decided to post this blog tonight.

I, better than anyone, have had a first hand glimpse into Life With Rachael. I have seen Rachael at her best and at her worst.

Rachael is forgetful. She does zone a lot. She doesn't pay attention to all the details.

But she is far from stupid.

I'm sure that all of you that know her are aware of this fact already. But, it does seem to haunt her on a fairly regular basis.

I don't know how many of you have read about multiple intelligences. If you have a child, I would highly recommend the book, How Am I Smart? as you seek to be a good parent to your child. The book delves into the subject of multiple intelligences. It is very fascinating. It's been awhile since I read the book, but I am sure you will enjoy it.

Rachael is VERY music smart. This is something I thank God for. I love to sit and listen to her play the piano and sing. It is soothing to the soul.

Rachael is also very people smart. She has great intuition. I used to have a lot harder time accepting Rachael's feelings, because I like to have a factual basis for my observations and beliefs. That being said, Rachael has an uncanny ability to size up a person and their motives and intentions. It's pretty awesome to behold.

Additionally, I took a few college courses with Rachael. She scored well on the tests and usually got A's and B's. And she'd never let me copy any of her answers.

By the way, if you've never seen Rachael take a test, it's quite the sight.

I usually have just finished bubbling in my name on the ScanTron, and I'd see Rachael get up. I'd think, "Wow, she should have went to the bathroom before class started." But, then to my astonishment, I'd watch as she turned her test in. I truly believe she's the fastest test-taker in the West.

Watching her as she works with our kids, I am eternally grateful and impressed with her ability to maneuver through the myriad of obstacles and roadblocks that kids can throw in front of you. I don't really think there's a 'parenting intelligence' but if there was, Rachael has it.

So, I know that this post is not the funniest ever. I hope you'll come back again later for all the humorous stuff. (By the way, my post tomorrow will be filled with more classic Rachael humor. We worked on her new music classroom this past weekend- Some good stuff is coming!) But, I thought it was important to give my side of the story on this issue. We all have fun laughing WITH Rachael, but I wanted to be sure my posts were never taken as serious put-downs of the lady I love.

Ok, Ok, enough sappy stuff. Come back tomorrow to see pictures of the Bulletin Board That Almost Wasn't and The Curtains That Grew, as well as a description of The 6-mile Zone. Until then!

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