Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Valentine's Day Series

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Rachael and I will be telling our tale of true love.  Ours is a love that has seen it's share of trials and tests, but has managed to grow stronger with the passing years.  Rachael truly is an amazing lady, an incredible person, and the best friend anyone could ever hope for.  As well as being an awesome wife.

This is the story of how two soul-mates somehow found each other.


The Adventure Begins here.  (Part 1)
The Adventure Continues At Chevy's On The River.  (Part 2)
Hospitals, Doctors, and Mom, Oh My!  (Part 3)
So, I Gave A Guy A Rose!  (Part 4)
She's Finally 18!  (Part 5)

You will have to check back regularly as the adventure unfolds from one post to the next.  Be sure to check out Rachael's blog for her side of the story.

-The Poor Husband.

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