Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Things I Absolutely Love About Rachael

Life With Rachael is sometimes filled with a little TOO much excitement.  A little TOO many forgotten items.  Too many destroyed gas pumps and too many lost cell phones.

Hey, at least it never gets boring.

Tonight, I was thinking about the things that make Rachael special in my eyes. 

1.  Her absolute honest love.  This provides a firm foundation for deeper relationships.

2.  Her sweet and caring spirit.  She truly cares about others and shows it in many ways.

3.  Her music/singing talents.  I absolutely love to sit and listen to her play and sing.

4.  Her successful connections with the kids.  This does not always come easy or natural, and Rachael has conquered it.

5.  Her thoughtfulness.  Her thoughtfulness and her forgetfulness can sometime vie for attention, seeking the ultimate approval from Rachael, but when she thinks about another person, she tries to make sure they are happy.

6.  Her honesty.  Rachael tries harder than just about anyone I've ever known to do the right thing and be honest on a day-to-day basis.

7.  Her sincere searching.  Her willingness to delve into new topics to develop an informed belief.

8.  Her ability to make me a better person by sharing a life with her.

9.  Her ability to complete me.  I would truly no longer be whole if Rachael was not in my life.

10.  Her beautiful, sparkling blue eyes when she is excited about something.  I love that sparkle.  Sometimes I miss that sparkle.  As we get older, so many things (me being one of them at times) can take away the sparkle.  All of us have to work hard to retain the 'sparkle' in our own lives.

I know, I know - They're really not that funny.  I ask you to indulge me this time to talk about the great things that make Rachael so wonderful, even if they aren't quite as exciting as driving off 3 times, ripping the nozzle out of the gas pump.  Or 4x4'in in the car wash.  Or flooding the house for the 3rd time.

Rachael is truly one of the most honest, loving, compassionate people I have ever known.  I am thankful that God allowed us to be together.

She truly is one Heck of a good woman/wife/mother/friend.

I am blessed.


  1. That was really sweet :) You are both blessed it seems.

  2. one of my favorite things about Rachael is her ability to be completely silly with you! She is one of the least self-obsessed people I much so that she can utterly lose herself in laughter with a good friend. :) Love you Rachael :)


  3. Anonymous- We truly have been blessed. We try to remember that, even when it's not at the fore-front of our thoughts at the time.

    Amanda- I know what you mean- That's one of the things I love about her too!

    -The (not so) Poor Husband


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