Monday, September 14, 2009

Rachael and the Pooping Woman

This weekend was the Greek Festival in Santa Cruz.  Rachael and I go to Santa Cruz for church, so we are there almost every Sunday.  The Greek Festival is held once a year, but we have never been able to go before.  Rachael is usually too tired.  Today, however, she was up for it, so we decided to check it out.

I am one that absolutely loves to try new things, food being at the top of my enjoyment list!  So, I was truly looking forward to attending.

We were following some friends from church over there.  Nothing out of the ordinary was happening.  Life With Rachael is typically not ordinary, so I knew something had to happen.  Kind of like when your kids have been quiet for tooooo long.  The first few minutes are pure bliss, then casual enjoyment, but after about 20 or 30 minutes of complete quiet, you are almost scared to go into their rooms for fear of what you might find.

As we're navigating our way through the traffic in downtown Santa Cruz, Rachael blurts out loudly, "It looks like that woman is pooping!"

Now, I have developed a somewhat steady response resistance to most comments that are blurted out.  This is an almost indispensable trait to have when you live Life With Rachael AND have 3 kids, all in the same vehicle at the same time.

But even I was taken aback by this one.

"Huh?"  was about all I could manage.

"It looks like that woman is pooping!"

Santa Cruz is known for its weirdness, but women pooping in public are still considered a bit extreme.  Even for Santa Cruz.  Though I'm sure if it ever catches on as a fad, Santa Cruz will probably lead the way. 
Anyway, I looked over.  All I saw was a statue in a small park-like setting with a few vehicles on the street. 
I saw no conspicuous woman.
And certainly not one pooping.
I looked over at Rachael as she was pointing at the statue.
"Doesn't it look like she's pooping?"
Umm, no, not really.  But that's OK.  It looks kind of like she's sitting on her foot.  And I guess maybe a little like she's pooping.  If you look hard enough. 
By this time, Rachael has certainly received the attention of the kids.  Our kids are 6, 8, and 9.  At that age, there are no funnier words in the English language than poop and butt.  So this is an entertaining conversation for them, whether or not the recipient of all the attention is simply a statue, a gilded woman, resting her haunches on her sculpted foot.

I pulled out my trusty side-arm camera, snapped a couple of quick pictures before I had to start driving again, and thought you'd like to see them.

We continued on our merry way, tried out some fantastic Greek food, heard some Greek music and singing, and had a great time. 

And we have baklava that we brought home. 

Plus we now have one more sure-fire way to hear the all-too-precious giggles of our kids.  Just remind them of the Greek Festival and The Pooping Woman.

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  1. Trav - I gotta tell ya - Rachael is right! LOL As soon as I looked at the statue, I could TOTALLY see what she was saying! LOL So FUNNY!!

    Amanda P

  2. Yeah, looking at the picture, I have to concede that it at least looks plausible.

    (Just don't tell Rachael I said that.) :-)

    -The Poor Husband


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