Friday, September 4, 2009

Life With Rachael as a Worship Leader

My Life With Rachael is blessed whenever she leads music at our church.

Everyone that has ever attended more than one church in their life knows that the music service can vary greatly from one church to the next.  Some churches do nothing but hymns.  Some love praise and worship music.  Some love Southern Gospel.  Some think there's nothing better than Elvis's 'You Saw Me Crying In The Chapel'.

Now to be honest, I love all of the above.

As a matter of fact, my personal favorite is to have a nice mix of many different types of songs.  I prefer a music-worship service that is more 'theme-based' than 'style-of-music based'.  So, if the message is on Christ dying on the cross, you'd have 'The Old Rugged Cross' and 'Amazing Love' in the same service.  That's just me.  Your views are probably different.

In an age where churches struggle so hard to be 'relevant', some interesting things sometimes happen.  Here's a worship service that somehow manages to denigrate God, the 80's, and 'relevancy' in churches, all at the same time.  If you can handle it, try to make it to the end!

And, of course, to illustrate just how much music styles do change, we can't forget 'Jesus Is My Friend' by Sonseed.  Ahhh, the 70's!

Whatever the style of worship, I think we need to remember the most important thing:  Does it glorify Him or me?  Is it to lead others to Him or to me? 

Why do we do what we do?

One of the things that Life With Rachael has taught me is how to always search for the answers, to try to not be afraid of the questions, and to attempt to live by faith each day.

And the music?

Well, that's just a bonus.  I am eternally thankful that God blessed me by allowing me to live Life With Rachael.  I love her piano playing.  I love her singing.  I love her sweetness.  I love her.

And, yeah, I love her worship services. 

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  1. I'm spinning my socks right now!! For the longest time I could not figure out what was on the drummers head, I truly thought it was a diaper and then realized it's his hair. This is to funny, bless there hearts for trying. I was very grateful for the fast forward bar on the bottom of the screen though. I love the "Lordy" too, but this would not have been my way to praise him in song. I would love, love, love to see one of Rachael's music services (maybe a video?). I have always enjoyed what she has done at PCCA.

  2. I wonder what that room smelled like? It may have been worse than Rachael's eggshells.

  3. Anonymous 1- Rachael really does do a great job- Maybe I'll be able to post a song or two up here sometime.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Anonymous 2- I'm sure it'd be a difficult decision either way!


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